Meet Me at the Pumpkin Patch Party

Our youngest daughter turned 13 this week and I can hardly believe it! Times flies by so quickly just as everyone says it will!

For her birthday she really wanted to have friends over for an outdoor movie and fire with a fall theme. Planning two birthdays in October is always a bit crazy. I had collected a few things for her party but, ended up doing the bulk of everything the day of! Fun, fun!

Because I was a bit last minute putting everything together I decided to serve all store bought snacks that didn’t need to be prepared with the exception of the nacho dip.
To go along with the fire we of course needed s’mores! I set up this cute little fall themed s’mores bar. I couldn’t find the little pumpkin marshmallows anywhere so I ended up using the peach shaped ones instead. I think they passed for pumpkins (at least until you tasted them)!

I used mini and medium sized hay bales on the table and bar for decor. I think it added to the “pumpkin patch” feel for the theme! You know I always dress my store bought cakes up for parties. This time I added crushed graham crackers, green icing, and little candy pumpkins. It’s admittedly not my best work on a cake but, not bad considering I did everything in one afternoon.
I wrapped mini water bottles in bulletin board boarders and used brown paper sacks to hold popcorn.
I used some burlap I had on hand to cover our bar and added a fall bow to the front. I quickly made a coordinating fall themed banner with scrapbook paper to hang in front of the burlap. This is a simple and affordable way to make a perfectly coordinated banner for any party theme.
I was able to reuse the “Happy Birthday, Pumpkin” sign from our middle daughters party. It coordinated perfectly but, has a whole new look with this party theme.
This isn’t the best photo but, this is a peek at our movie set up. My husband took care of setting up the movie and getting the fire ready. Truly probably the most important part! Maybe not pretty but, the kids spent the entire night out here so very important!
To entertain the kids for four hours we had food, did a fall themed scavenger hunt around the neighborhood, and then had the movie and s’mores. They seemed to enjoy themselves and our daughter loved her party so it was all worth it.
Happy 13th Birthday to our sweet girl!!!

I hope you are all having the best weekend! There are more festivities with family tomorrow and then this mama will be ready for day on the couch watching Hallmark movies!

~ Jamie

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    1. Thank you so much! ? I was moving so quickly to finish everything that I didn’t get to spend as much time on it as I wanted to.

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