Dollar Store Christmas Tree Makeover

I’ve been having the most fun shopping for Christmas decor this season, we are slowly but surely decorating each space in our home. Our girls decided that they really wanted larger trees in their rooms this year instead of their mini ones. I found these cute 6ft trees at Dollar General for just $20! We got several of them for all of our bedrooms. At that price point I knew the trees weren’t going to be super full. I decided on a few ways to dress them up and make them look a bit more expensive than their $20 price tag.

Today I’m sharing the one I decorated for our master bedroom. The first thing I decided to do was to give the tree a “frosted” look by lightly spraying it with white spray paint. This instantly made such a big difference!
If you decide to try this method of tree “frosting”, you basically just spray in a downward motion focusing mainly on the ends of the branches. You will spray some branches just a little more heavily than others, the way snow would fall.
After “frosting” the tree I added lights and filled it using silver and gold floral stems from the Dollar General. Doing this made the tree look much fuller.
Decor that is also sentimental is my very favorite! I decided that I would fill the tree with black and white photos of our family. I picked up several wallet size frames from Dollar Tree. I spray painted the black ones with my left over paint from the tree and then mixed in some silver and gold ones too. I wanted to go with the neutral color scheme because most of the decor in the main part of our home is traditional reds and greens.. I used my hot glue gun to attach cream lace to the backs of the frames so they could be hung on the tree.
I used a small drop cloth as a tree skirt, added a couple of cute star pillows at the bottom of the tree, and topped it with a pretty bow. I’d say it’s a big improvement from the first time I pulled it out of its box! Christmas decor can feel special and be beautiful even on a budget!

I hope you all have an amazing week! Just seven more Mondays before Christmas!!!

~ Jamie

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