Happy Birthday, Pumpkin

We celebrated our daughters 15th Birthday this weekend. Our Madi is pretty easy going and way more concerned about the choice of cake than she is about the decor or theme. That makes it a little easier on mama. I decided since I had recently added some fun halloween decor around our home that I would just stick with that theme. I had fun decorating and it turned out pretty cute!

I used Christmas wrapping paper and craft paper to line our bar and then added the CUTEST pumpkin lanterns that I purchased at Dollar Tree.
The craft paper was fun because I could write birthday messages on it with a sharpie marker. A sweet friend gave me the idea to add party hats to the pumpkin lanterns. I created the party hats with scrapbook paper and added cute Pom-poms to the tops.
I painted the backs of my letter board squares orange and my sister made the “Happy B-Day Pumpkin” letters for me. This turned out so cute and now I’m already planning red letters and something cute for Christmas.
I used a metal basket to hold lots of cute paper products!
Madi wanted ice cream cake for the party so I purchased a second small bakery cake for the dessert table. I dressed it up with Halloween sprinkles, little pumpkin candies, and a cute cake topper.
I went with simple sweets for the dessert table. I served mini chocolate donuts with added eyeballs for fun, dirt pudding cups with ghosts & pumpkins, and Halloween Oreos.
My spider web placemats were added down the center of the table to add to our Halloween theme.
Choosing simple “no bake” treats makes things much easier for me on party day!
Are those little pumpkins wearing party hats not the cutest things?! SO fun!!!
We served pumpkin shaped Mac-n-cheese and pumpkin & ghost shaped pasta with Alfredo sauce and shrimp. Simple and yummy.
I found these fun fall themed tic-tac-toe games at the Target dollar spot. I set them out at the table and we had fun playing with the kids.
We enjoyed the evening with family, celebrating our girl! Now to do it all again in a couple weeks for our youngest!